Instant Background Checks, SSN Traces, Public Records and more since 2001!

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Our services are currently used by private investigators, law enforcement, human resources, attorneys, staffing agencies and more. Join now and enjoy quality data with low fees.

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Quality Data at a Low Price

Run your queries for some of the lowest fees in the industry. You will be able to run instant criminal records, people finder searches, background checks, vital records, assets, SSN Traces and much more and our data is updated regularly and there are no setup fees, monthly fees or monthly minimums. Only pay for what you use and most searches are no hit/no fee.

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Our Services

Background Checks

Instantly search billions of records to help you fight fraud, validate identity information, find people, assets, SSN Traces, criminal records and other vital public record information in seconds.

Online Research

Small business or a large corporation, our service is the perfect tool for you skip tracing, verification and background check needs. By signing up, you will have access to one of the largest sources of public and non-public information on the Internet.

XML API Gateway

Most of our searches can be delivered in XML for you to embed into your applications or websites, which is perfect for those reselling public records. Many of our searches also have free teasers as well.

Our Advantages

  • public records, ssn trace, people finder

    We Aggregate Our Own Public Records Data.

    Most of our data is aggregated by us directly from their sources and not other resellers. No additional markup mean more savings for you, which is why our pricing is amoung the best in the industry.

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    Products And Databases

    You will be able to run criminal records, people finder searches, background checks, vital records, assets, SSN Traces and much more and our data is updated regularly.

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Our Capabilities

employee screening, background check, criminal records, fraud prevention

Used By Professionals

A variety of business sectors use our service to investigate fraud, perform background checks and more.

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XML API Gateway

Prefer instant delivery via XML? We have a dedicated stand-alone XML servers for your API needs.

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  • Instant Background Checks, SSN Traces, Employee Screening and more.

  • Instantly run background checks, search criminal records, ssn traces and more.