What we Do

  • RecordsCheck.net is an online research service specializing in background checks and fraud prevention. We obtain information from various public and non-public record databases, court records, state and national databases and other repositories nationwide. Our clients obtain information online and in real-time and have access to many national and international databases.

  • You can find people, perform instant checks and more on your employees, tenants and others instantly. We are the most up-to-date public records research group available on the Internet and are favored by legal professionals and other industries that perform background research and investigate fraud.

  • Our service is restricted to users such as employment and tenant screeners, attorneys, police, staffing agencies and any other licensed businesses only.

  • Many different businesses use our service to investigate fraud. Our clients obtain public records, SSN traces, criminal records and more, online and in real-time.

National Automobile Search

  • Price: $0.65 No Hit/No Fee: Yes

    The National Automotive / Vehicle Database contains hundreds of millions of vehicle record ownership data. Compiled Q1 of 2014, this database contains owner's full name, address, phone, make, model, year and VIN of their car as well. It is searchable by VIN or by owner's name and is available for all states.

  • Other Searches

    Price: $0.25 No Hit/No Fee: Yes

    Our Merchant Vessels Search is used to find ownership of large commercial vessels as well as large yachts.

    The FAA Aircraft Database allows users to run N-Numbers of all airplanes and verify serial numbers. This search can also be used in uncovering assets of individuals and corporations as this database can also be searched by owner's name as well as other criteria for aircraft ownership.

    USA Business Affiliations Search allows you to search businesses within the USA by owner's/operator's name to reveal ownership of businesses.