What we Do

  • RecordsCheck.net is an online research service specializing in background checks and fraud prevention. We obtain information from various public and non-public record databases, court records, state and national databases and other repositories nationwide. Our clients obtain information online and in real-time and have access to many national and international databases.

  • You can find people, perform instant checks and more on your employees, tenants and others instantly. We are the most up-to-date public records research group available on the Internet and are favored by legal professionals and other industries that perform background research and investigate fraud.

  • Our service is restricted to users such as employment and tenant screeners, attorneys, police, staffing agencies and any other licensed businesses only.

  • Many different businesses use our service to investigate fraud. Our clients obtain public records, SSN traces, criminal records and more, online and in real-time.

Comprehensive Profile Reports

  • Price: $4.00

    Our Profile Reports return data from multiple databases and sources giving you a comprehensive look at your search subjects background.

  • The Comprehensive Profile Report is a great way to get a look at the background of the person you are searching. Included in the report, when available, is name, gender, marital status, nicknames, SSN info, area census data, past/present addresses, birth/death search, marriage/divorce records, email records, automobile/vessel ownership, bankruptcies/liens/judgments, professional licenses, national criminal records, relatives, roommates and neighbors. The profile report is triggered off the results from our People Finder PRO search.