What we Do

  • RecordsCheck.net is an online research service specializing in background checks and fraud prevention. We obtain information from various public and non-public record databases, court records, state and national databases and other repositories nationwide. Our clients obtain information online and in real-time and have access to many national and international databases.

  • You can find people, perform instant checks and more on your employees, tenants and others instantly. We are the most up-to-date public records research group available on the Internet and are favored by legal professionals and other industries that perform background research and investigate fraud.

  • Our service is restricted to users such as employment and tenant screeners, attorneys, police, staffing agencies and any other licensed businesses only.

  • Many different businesses use our service to investigate fraud. Our clients obtain public records, SSN traces, criminal records and more, online and in real-time.

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  • Our service is restricted to businesses and licensed professionals such as attorneys, private investigators, background screeners, human resources, law enforcement and any other business as long as licensed. Due to the sensitive information of some searches, consumers are not allowed to access the system.

  • If you qualify, please complete the application agreement located below. There are no sign-up fees, monthly service fees or monthly minimum spends and accounts are generally approved within 24 hours of application's submission.